Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!

Spent half of the day sleeping, which is something I love to do the most.
Went to Tesco to do some grocery shopping.
Dined in Pizza Hut. Enjoyed the meal. Got a free bowl of salad coz they made us waited quite long. This is the first time leh. So awesome! Never felt like this before.
Somebody asked my age today and I reluctantly answered 20. Damn, no longer in the teens!
Time really flies so fast. Anyway, I realised I should have done more in my teen years, not only to study hard but to play even harder. After I have mingled with those older people, they constantly reminded me that those teen years are our golden years. We should experience everything under the sun. Yea, you're only telling me when I'm reaching 20. Hahaha.

Gonna visit Prangin Mall tomorrow. Need to buy some stuff and watch a movie! Hopefully it is good!
And sister having school tomorrow. Good for her! Hahahaha! She has already gone to bed. So no more outings for her. But for me, it is just the beginning! Muahahahaha!! I sound so evil lol!

Sorry for the abrupt ending coz I'm really running out of ideas.

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