Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feel like a Santa Claus at work today. Haha.. Been wrapping gifts for the whole day!
Can't wait to get a mp3 player! Should I go for Sony, iPod or Zen? Really cannot make up my mind.
And who wants to go bowling this Saturday and then Sherlock Holmes?

Let's talk about my job. It is from 8.15 to 6 in the evening. My colleagues are all very nice. Hehe.. Quite lucky this time. Sometimes I spent one hour wandering around, not doing anything. =PP Whatever, as long as I get my pay at the end of the month! Can't wait!!

I have ironed my hair again. Now it's flat like ham chi peng.
Joanne has been pestering me again and again to certify certs. Feel so lazy la. I thought we just finished STPM!! Don't feel like stepping onto the ground of torture again! She keeps on reminding me each time we talked. Bleah!!

Hmm.. What else should I write about?
OK la, some lame jokes.

Me, bro

*talking about out-of-wedlock births*

Next time, jangan buat orang
You jangan dibuat orang
You don't kandungkan people
You jangan mengandung
*seconds later*
You jangan dibuncitkan
You la, jangan membuncitkan orang

Get it? If you don't, forget it.

Another one, colleagues talking at work.

I dah tak tahan dengan streamyx la!! You know how to make a complaint?
Owh. Go to Putrajaya, find the Menteri Telekomunikasi. Or the PM also can.

Habis cerita. Haha.

And go download Jay Chou's latest duet with Cindy Yen! That song is awesome!! And she's gonna big the next big thing! Jolin, please go home!
OK, done crapping. Selamat membaca!

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