Sunday, January 24, 2010

One of my new year resolution:
Control my temper and not to swear anymore. Yes, dead serious about this.
The rest, I shall not reveal it here because I'm afraid that I might make a fool of myself. =S

Went out yesterday with Phang Ling. We had toast in the morning, went to the market and temple. Too bored and we still had time before our movie. After that, off we went to Prangin. Watched Legion. It was a great movie and in my opinion, better than Avatar! I thought it was a boring action movie but I was proven wrong. So now, I have gotta believe in Phang Ling's choice of movies. She suggested the thief of lightning too. Gonna catch it as soon as possible. Haha. Love the big cinema. And the viewers were quite cooperative. One actually had the gall to answer the phone when the movie first started and the rest went shhh shhh shhh. Haha..
After movie, we went to Midlands to get some DVDs. Thaat pretty much sums up my Saturday. I love Saturdays! It is like my play day. So fun going out with friends. Badminton next week, anyone?

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