Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'm gonna force myself to blog now otherwise i'll kena tembak again..
and so damn it, i can't believe i'm saying this again : i miss school and my banana friends!! i said this when i graduated after form 5. finally now again, after upper 6! i miss pn. thoo and her lessons!!
exams and prefect duties can be pain in the ass sometimes but that is just a minor part. i don't mind going through it all again as long as i have my classmates with me. haih.. currently working and sometimes bored to death! then i'll go facebook secretly or read people's blog. actually it is not allowed. but i'm sitting at the cubicle behind so no harm. muahahaha.. sometimes i would smile to myself unknowingly when the good old times flashed through my mind.. the stupid jokes especially. the first one is definitely christine's son : chin ho giak!! hahahaha!! and also her daughter, chin kao giak! i hate it when my memory fails me.. i think i'll update from time to time..

things that i enjoy doing after stpm :
  1. not having to touch books anymore. and i'm not afraid to say, my room is yet to be cleaned! wait till i really beh tahan first la..
  2. drink coffee anytime!! especially those kao kao one!! i was very cautious before the exam and coffee is definitely a no-no because i believe it will worsen my memory. not proven k, don't believe me!
  3. going anywhere and no curfew!! of course cannot come back at midnight la, later takda pintu masuk! so people, you may date me on the weekends! not weekdays k, need to wake up early the next day.
  4. watch moviesssssssss! and guess what i watched first. the old hong kong vampire series.. the infamous mr. vampire!!! omg i miss watching it!!! and after watching it, i discovered that the famous priest you usually see the movie died long time ago, back in 1997 due to liver cancer.. wtf man.. so outdated la me.. now watching the threshold of a persona.. dumb series.. i think i'll go back watching those old movies.. much better..
was supposed to go for a family vacation this weekend but no hotel. it is perfectly fine for me because i don't feel like going.. whatever.. anyway, i received my first birthday present from my dad last week. it was early i know.. just a little cash.. the second one comes from lulu!! it was a bracelet. but what i really like is the letter attached to the present. though it is simple, it is enough to make me tear..

then erm.. been shopping but it is all clothes for work.. office wear kind.. so dull and urghhh expensive!! i want t-shirts!!!!!! wtf man.. no more wearing whatever i please..
ok i shall stop here.. nothing else to write about..

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