Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two nights ago, I dreamt of this girl.
She wrote a post about me not updating my blog. And trust me, it was horrible. It actually felt so real that I was DETERMINED to post about it the next day. Or whatever update.. But truly sorry, I was too occupied. Catching up with dramas and tuition. Oh yes, I did have some time but my sister was using the computer at that time. And oh, you wouldn't wanna know what will happen if I insisted.
(No hard feelings please, Miss Tan) Besides, it's an update too k.. Hahahahaha..

Then urm... Had tuition today too. 4 hours is just too much. Grrr.. I think I sat until my butt is already flattened. I saw budak ini again.. Haih.. I think she's on her way to Gurney; watch Quarantine with this woman. Haih.. People can enjoy life during hols while I had to bear a 4 hour lecture. Bahhhh....

What else huh.. Yalar.. My phone already habis credit.. Not that I don't wanna reply you guys.. Sorry k, Miss Tan.. And yea, I wanna see the shawl. Take a picture of it and post it up like your blue toes can?

Aiyo.. Since this post is mostly about you, I shall name it 'Miss Tan'.. God.. so crappy... Whatever, I like to write like this.. Btw, I'm gonna make this blog private sooner or later. So paiseh.. People reading my blog. Or should I say, spider webs? Like who cares? Blah...

Another thing, I have a confession to make too. Was 'insipired' by this. Don't worry, my friend. You're not the only one. I have stolen some money too when I was younger. Guess what I bought with it.. I collected many many many Pokemon stickers. And I'm sure it's more RM80. My parents were so furious when they found out. Still, no one make it through their childhood without those michievous behaviour. I still have many other embarassing incidents. Haha.. Maybe I'll post them all up someday. Lol.. Wait la.. Muahhaahahaha.. Kk, goodbye wtf
This post is so crappy...

P/S: I wanna change to a brighter skin.. I'm getting bored of the current one. Any suggestions? Ignore me if you're busy or something. I'm just saying wtf

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