Thursday, December 11, 2008

It is 5.36PM now.

just read khaw lin's blog. omg, so damn random! she's so curious about everything! but it is a good thing tho. about the question she asked, why is the sky blue. google it or something. i read it in a book or on the net before. can't remember. and also why is water blue. some reflection from the sky thing. haih, physics. your field, khaw lin.

so yea, just came back. crashed christine's granny's house just now. wanted to bug her. but then she's sleeping. kesian her la. slept only a few hours each day. and now she is blaming me coz my 'visit' made her to stay awake. lol. sorry la christine! really pai seh.

and sin yong, why din call me. maybe i was around that area just now. sent credit to me but dunno how to ask for help. apala. lol. anyway, maybe i can't help oso la. dun have sense of direction mia. hahaha.

tomorrow's gonna be another hectic day. haih got bio project to do. i hope we can finish it earlier. and aiyo, who is going to school to take mag? i dun i'll be going. aiya whatever la. i din order oso coz my sis paid for it earlier this year. i hope she could figure out a way to get the mag.

my job is done now. Sin Yong, task completed! any rewards? a ferrero roche perhaps? hahaha. a virtual one oso i dun mind wtf.

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