Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm so bored.. That I'm chatting nonsense now.. With Illy and another contact. So bored....

Just finished watching Gem of Life Episode 20. Wanting for more. Hahaha.. The feeling of waiting an episode after another makes my life more miserable. Actually that doesn't make any difference, I have got no life at all.

Texted Joanne and Christine 10 mins ago. No one replied. My friends are that great. :(

Why is it that this post is so random? Never mind, I'll type whatever that comes across my mind.
The last day of school was pretty much average. Not like the previous ones. Maybe because we just studied for only a semester. We had to rush to finish our Biology projects. It was like war the night before. Thanks to the talent that all of us have, procrastination. Lol.

P/S : Seriously, what is wrong with saying 'Hi'? The response that I got is ?
What is that man wtf.... Sorry to end this post so abruptly. =)

Hey! At least, I UPDATED RIGHT????!!!

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