Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just finished doing my brother's homework. Chinese caligraphy = drawing. Haha. I love it! If my Mandarin teacher gave me this homework when I joined the class in primary school, I wouldn't have written till I cried late at night. Lol. So now, I'm planning to get one with easier characters. Just to fill my time and practise my patience. Honestly, I'm getting more patient nowadays. =D.
I don't grumble anymore when I taught him just now. Maybe because I'm now working and have to complete every single task given without complaining.

Is SPM result coming out this 28th? Anybody knows anything about this? Whatever, don't care. Life's too short to worry about everything.

I have nothing to write about. Grrr. The only reason why I'm putting up with this post is because I'm having insomnia. And I'll have to bang myself against the wall if I can't get up early for work tomorrow. WTF!

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