Saturday, February 16, 2008

I shall reply to all of you here since I have nothing much to write about. Hehe.

Xin: Was I not that mature when you first knew me? LOL.

KL: Mine was a puppy. Street dogs err.. are weird and full of fleas. But I actually pity them you know. Coz mine was a steet dog too. Until my dad picked her back. Where to find this kinda dog again? Kindly enlighten me if you know since you're quite good about dogs. You got bird before meh? Never knew that!

Carmen: Updating lor. Ngam ngam cam cam. You also must update!


Nothing much lor. Currently working. Colleagues are alright. My 60+ boss says 'What the hell man'. So cool of him. He's kind and understanding. Lady boss. Erm.. How should I place it? Alright. She's another cool human too. Full of sarcasm. Has good sense of humour. 'I do not enjoy buying air tickets!' I think most of you don't understand it. Never mind.
So, am now working in a secretarial firm. Realised how long I've left my mind behind ever since SPM ended. Like a parasite. First few days were so blur with filing! Writing memo, photostating certifying documents are alright. I couldn't remember other things. Alot more but these are the main ones. Getting better now since I got hold of most of my tasks.

My driving pre-test is on this 25th. Die lar. How am I gonna do that since I'm working from Mon to Fri? Hopefully can pass. Then another lesson. And go for the real test. Kinda jealous when others can drive around and I'm stuck here. Allow me to say this. Blardy hell! LOL, it feels kinda good since I stop swearing not long ago.

Lotsa things to do tomorrow. Going to INTI to check things out. Don't know la, I can't really decide yet.
My V-day? Haha. Just like any regular day. But I got a special dream that I shouldn't had. Honestly, I enjoy being who I am now. Not pretentious or anything, just me doing my 'thang'.

Anybody wants to go for a movie or something in March? Now very busy lar, cannot make it.
When I get my pay in March, then it's just nice. Haha.

Bubye. Listening to Wo Bu Pei by Jay Chou. And I kinda start to like him. He's like multi-talented since I heard lotsa good reviews about his movie. Any of you already seen that movie? Do tell me k!

P/S: Sin and kL, please update me about your lives since we didn't talk for so long d. Haha.

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