Thursday, February 21, 2008

am currently feeling tulan. In fact, very tulan. Someone trashed me. OK, fine. Accept that as a lesson. That's not the main reason anyway.
Went to Sunshine Farlim just now. The darn promoter was so rude that I wanted to bitch slap her! So bloody rude k! Show me her face again I'll tear her into pieces! I was a promoter before too k. I've stood for 8 hours before and I didn't complain anything. But this cow, GO BACK TO SLEEP LA! This not the main reason too.
Honestly, I should learn how to reject and say 'no' in the first place. Sigh.

Xin, you know who you are. We should have settled this earlier. I don't wish to meet you k. And go find a job or something. That would stop you from thinking nonsense. We're still friends, I hope you get it. Time won't turn back. Just online friends.

Jess, if you're reading this blog, I personally think you're a good friend. No matter what people have said about you, I still trust myself that you're a very nice person. I could see so much patience in you when you're advising him. You know who right.

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