Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lu Ying: Do you like to dance?
Me: No.
Lu Ying: Can you dance?
Me: No.
I don't know what she's up to. She told me she had read or watched something about dancing. Either that. I can't remember which. What's so nice about dancing? You tell me.

Lu Ying and I have been friends since standard one till now. And we still can't get over ourselves being so mean to each other. I mean we are equally mean. We quarrel and shoot each other everyday. But we remain as good friends at the end of the day. Weird, isn't it?
I enjoy being mean :X

My new-found hobby
Irritate my brother before he goes to bed every night.

There was once while he was sleeping, he almost slipped his finger into the fan. I told him, go any nearer and the blade will ruin your finger. Guess what he replied.
He replied this :
Sorry sorry.
My sister and I burst out laughing so hard and got scolding for that. Lol..

My leg is getting better and Sandra visited me on Monday. Was so happy to see her. =D
I don't know why people dislike her so much but we get along well. I told her that I'm not ready for my coming exam and she said, it'll pass really fast. My knees are shaking already ok? Sigh...
And you know what's my job at school everyday? Copy people's homework!!!
How to get good grades? Arghh.. No mood to blog already.

Will get my ass up from the chair later to the library. To study, read again, STUDY with Carmen and Chia Min. Wish me luck. And now I need to check my emails. 441 of them. Bye!

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