Tuesday, May 01, 2007

At last, I can blog.

I want :

  1. To slap myself

  2. To wake myself up

  3. To mind my own business

  4. To stop blog hopping INSTANTLY!

  5. To mind my own business

  6. To concentrate in my Biology and Physics revision (no hope ady lar)

  7. To skip tuition next morning (if possible)

  8. To delete everything useless and unwanted in my mind, like the computer

  9. To stop blurting out everything opposite from what I'm thinking, yes, lately my mind doesn't coordinate well with my speech

  10. To stop all the nonsense from lingering in my mind


  12. Lastly, to return to the past.

Can I? Nope, I can't!

I should stop making excuses and focus on my studies. It seems like everyone's leaving for good and I'm finishing the final year in high school. So soon. Yes I know, I'm pathetic. In fact, really pathetic. Everytime the thought strikes my mind, I would lose my concentration. My life's a mess.

Come on!! FOCUS!!!

Don't ask me why this picture is here.

Only a fortnight from now onwards. Dammit!


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