Friday, April 06, 2007

It has been quite some time since I last updated this site.
I'm busy. This time not school homework. But my right leg.
Yes, something's wrong with the nerves. Got it fixed and it's getting better.
Mid-year exam is coming and I need really study this time.
Hoi! SPM ar wei!!

This morning, went to school and came back around 10.20. Couldn't stand the pain anymore. I'm afraid yet I'm pretending that I'm alright. Nobody knows how do I feel inside. Especially when I see people running so smoothly, while I'm struggling making my way up the stairs. I broke down several times and even cried myself to sleep last night. The pain was unbearable.

First day-It was numbed with pain and my foot was also swollen.

It has been 2 years ago since my last relationship. Finally I got the feeling back. It's a miracle.
Anyhow, I'm just dreaming. Forget it. I won't take it seriously because I believe it's only a crush. He's almost impossible. Damn it!!


I gained extra weight. Can you tell? I'm already fat! Now I'm fatter!!!! GRRRR!!

When I wanted to come back from school just now, I need to sign the form and get a teacher's signature before going back. Dahlah the nerves in my knee felt like it's gonna tear into pieces anytime, the teachers are dumb ok????!!! I mean like really dumb!!! Can't they just sign for me while they're talking cock or even bullshitting??? Maleh, fuck they all! Know how to sit the air-conditioned room and talk only and collect their pay!! Seriously, I couldn't stand the pain anymore and went straight to their face 'Can you PLEASE sign this form for me???'
Alright I won't mention who but the one that has got a daughter in the same year like me. You know that right? She dengan tulan-nya asked me, why do you wanna go back? Me dengan more tulan-nya tried to express my anger on my face : Ei hello!! You think I sengaja wanna go back and waste the fuel ar?? Brainless fuck face! Teachers are absent also. No point going to school I tell you!!! The best school kononnya, my ass la!! Was really tulan-ted at that time!! Pardon me for the harsh language.

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