Thursday, March 15, 2007

An outing was planned days before and only 3 attended. Sin Yong, Carmen and me.
I was late. Sin Yong was the earliest to reach.
Bought tickets for Bridge to Terabithia and headed to ChopperBoard for lunch.
After eating, we walked around to wait for the movie.
Walked into Nike outlet on purpose to see someone and he was rather cute. Yes, seriously, he's kinda cute. Somebody must be darn proud! =P

What can I say about Bridge to Terabithia?

If The Chronicles of Narnia is considered a bad movie, then this must be worse.
Honestly, this movie sucked big time.
My advice would be don't watch unless you have nothing else better to do as in DESPERATE.
To me, this movie doesn't make any sense at all.
Some of its characters did a lousy job, like having no emotions at all especially the music teacher. I would prefer the story if only it revolves around the poverty of Jess's family not any magical kingdom or nonsense like Leslie's imagination. Maybe the storyline is good but definitely not the movie.
To that auntie who sat behind me just now with her son, next time please buy a DVD instead of watching in the cinema. She kept telling her son how brave the girl was compared to the boy. Go buy a DVD to explain every single detail to your kid!

I had gone to so many outings before and this time, I spent the most little amount of money. Only RM10.65!
Muahahahahaha!! =D
According to Sin Yong, this is all because of my kiamsiap-ness and her teliti-ness!

Yes, I love you girls!!

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