Saturday, February 03, 2007

OK, since it's getting worse now, I better do something before it is completely dead.

The Holiday is great!
Material Girls somehow doesn't get my attention, too long.
Saving Blood Diamond for the weekend.

Drama Series
My new obsession : KYLE XY!!

Saw a lot in the newspaper today. But too broke for it.
Accidentally spot a book borrowed by Gaik Ling in the library.
Although it was yellow and old, the content is still good. Really good in fact.
Forgotten the title, plan to borrow after she has return it.

Still waiting for Lin Jun Jie's new album.
And also melody.'s new single which will be released on Valentine's Day (Finding My Road)
Sin Yong, take note please. If you're kind enough, could you please make a request for melody.'s new album on the website you visit to download songs? I've forgotten the site. TIA.

Got my allowance today. Must really learn about saving my money up or else my father would skin me alive.

OMG! Really tiring and hectic.
Thank God that house practice will end next week.
Rangers meeting next week, plan to do the hot-hot-chicken-shit stuff, trying to buy time.
Homework must be settled especially Add Maths.
History and Physics topical test next Tuesday. How great can it be?

Personal matters
Been gaining weight like crazy. Need to watch out.
Heavy eyebags. Blogging is one of the reason. Just like now.
Minor family problem. I guess it'll be better.
Cousin's coming back! I'm too excited about this!!
CNY is around the corner. This year's outfit is totally different for the previous 16 years.
Still hunting for dress for the promenade night. Sin Yong already bought it! I guess it's too early for me.
Friends are doing great.
I guess that's it.

I need a break. With this schedule, life is getting more dull. Boring life. Everyday's the same thing. Right, ROUTINE.

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