Sunday, January 28, 2007

This post is created to express my frustration, anger, etc. (anything negative)

Before I'm here, I was doing my Add Maths homework. I feel like crying ok. I tried the questions for the 100th time already and I still can't get the right answer. They said never give up until you get it. But I'm on the verge of giving up already.

I've also been dreaming quite frequent recently. Ridiculous and silly dreams, I would label them. So there's no need for me to write them down here.

Something is stucked in my throat. I have no idea what is it but it hurts.

I want to bite something now!!!

I don't feel like going to school tomorrow because I haven't finish my Add Maths homework. Both my Add Maths teachers want me to suffer and dream of digits even in my sleep.
Tuition: Endless EQs (Now I know the meaning of 'endless')
School: Not enough with all the exercises in the textbook and the board, she made us bought another workbook!)

Another thing, Physics is starting to get on my nerves. Will be assessed in tuition this Tuesday. So great!! Ha-ha-ha!! I seriously feel like shouting instead of crying. Never read for any test in tuition and will never. No point la..

Went to Tesco yesterday and spent 300 there. The money flow like water from the tap.

English coursework still remains untouched and uncompleted yet. Way to go. But the dateline is this coming 31st.

EST assignment. Left only conclusion.

Physics practical. Didn't even touch it. Let it be! I don't care!

Complete my PJ logo to stick it on the freaking PJ file. Did one but not satisfied yet, so planning for another one. Time is limited, too bad. PJ periods in my school are suffocating. You should try it someday. Because they allocate many many activities in the 45 minutes period.

Biology test tomorrow. (tuition)

Got to stay back in school tomorrow till 6.
Bring racket along for badminton practice.
HOUSE PRACTICE! Nightmare la wei...

The list above are meant to drive me crazy.

Wanted to post some pictures. But forget it since blogger is merajuk-ing with me again.

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