Sunday, February 04, 2007

When I was reading a CHINESE newspaper today in the car, more of looking through the pictures since I know none of the words, my brother teased me.

Brother: See! Ren cao gong, gong cao ren. (People looking for jobs and jobs looking for people, since I was looking at the classifieds section.)
WY: So? Does that have anything to do with me?
Brother: Sure. You're going to work soon.
WY: Hmm..
Brother: I know what suits you. You can be a KAKAK!
Sister and brother (imitating my voice) : Go die la!
Because I used to curse whenever I go mad at them.
Sister: When you're mopping the floor and they simply step wherever they like, you will shout 'go die la!'. HAHAHAHAHA...
WY: Two monkeys!!!!!!

Back to the topic why I used to curse, because they don't follow my words when I'm teaching them! Can you see that? My frustration and anger and bla bla bla..
When I told them that I wanted to be a teacher ages ago, they say "Cannot la, you will shout at the kids go die la when they don't follow your instructions".

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