Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yes, I love to spend time producing rubbish. You're absolutely right! Comments are allowed. Please do so at the tagboard. Haze outside is getting worse, loathe the condition. Save me from Earth, please.
Anyway, tests were over. I messed up my Biology paper, no big deal. It's my fault. 101% my fault. Additional Mathematics' level is getting higher, I don't even know how to solve the simple ones. Oh, why don't you just kill me? For being such a pathetic brat, idiot, nonsense and most importantly, STUPID AND DUMB! I'm such a failure, I know I'm making up nonsensical stories again, please bear with me.

So why is it 'Lies which lie beneath my eyes'? I'm not too sure either. It just pop out from my mind like that. Lots of inspiration during exams seasons. I wanted to switch on my computer and indulge myself into photoshop so badly but I just couldn't make it. And now, left only this rubbish...
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation in making my nonsense story a success.

Brushes from
Image were from somewhere in the cyperspace, couldn't remember anymore

Goodbye people, going to retire to bed soon.

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