Friday, July 28, 2006

Let me begin this post with a wide smile *big, wide grin* =))
Enough? Never mind, I smile a lot, you can see me smiling anytime.

This is a quick post before I prepare for tuition. I love today. It seems to be the right day for me. I attented the Pengawas Multimedia meeting this afternoon after taking my attendance for the Koperasi's meeting. It was a hectic day actually. After the Pengawas Multimedia settled, I went out before the meeting ended. However, I asked the permission from the teacher. So no worries. =)
Then went to the Koperasi's meeting which was held at the school hall. I bumped into Christine on the way. She told me to make it fast if I still want the allowance. So I made a beeline to the hall and tada! I got the allowance! 5 BUCKS! Look! Wai Yee can kill two birds with one stone. Lol! Once in a blue moon incident.
Then I went to buy Mashed Potato from the canteen. I found a tiny-weeny ANT in it. Asked the aunty to change it for me. I got a new one. But I threw it away after finish eating not even half of it. Why? Because it has got the smell of milk!!! Fong Yuin threw it away too. I felt bad. I did think for those who have no food to eat. I felt really bad! Saw Illy after she had finished her prefect's meeting. She was selected as the AJK for the Disipline Department. Congrats, Illy (if only you read this) Mom fetched me at 3, followed her to work. Back at 5. Now preparing to tution. Adios!

P/S: For some reason, this post is ruined.

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