Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have to admit some people out there who are smart. Yes, they are indeed very smart. They work and earn money using their brains. A freaking advertistment in a oh-so-famous blog would just make her earning a fortune. Each pixel would cost a bomb. Like WOW! Seriously, they're great manipulators. No offence to anyone. If you think it might be you, then FINE!
Read on your own risk. Bear all the consquences. Don't read if you're a coward! I'm not saying it's bad but I'm just admitting, yes, you guys are really genius!

Nothing much happened today. Had that ludicrous Diagnostik test. I scored poorly, yeah, badly done as I haven't revise all of it. English lesson was so crappy. We were asked to draw our dream car. I drew a nonsense rubbish and named it TURTLER! Because it shaped like a turtle. Whatever. As people like going around, chao turtle! Hmm. Very boring indeed. It's already 4 something. I haven't done anything useful. Surfed through some blogs. Yea, those with funny stories. I know I'm a great procrastinator ever. But hey! I indulged myself in the dictionary too for A MOMENT. It's good enough for people like me. As for EST, I would like to express my 'gratitude' and 'appreciation' to Sin Yong. She played truant without informing any member of our group. Fortunately, we still managed to pull it through. Next time, please inform me if you want to play truant. At least, a SMS. A message costing a cent won't make you starve. Let me be prepared. I wasn't really angry, don't misunderstand.

On the other hand, the haze is getting worse. It has been worsen with the inconsiderate drivers (daredevils) when they're speeding. Especially the road beside my school. Gosh, are they competing for birth certificates? Or maybe they are. Besides these oh-so-called-daredevils, there are also buses which release out stinky soots! Arghhh! Tell me, how can us or even a fish to survive in this environment? What's more with the open burning and the release of poisonous gases from the chimneys of the factory. It's very hard to survive in a developing country, trust me. Either you choose a country area or a fully-developed area. Why fully-developed area? Because the Westerners had taught me that if you have the power and money, we can build any factory anywhere on Earth. As long as you don't build it on your land. They are the smart ass-es. Yes, really smart. Invent something then build factories in other places and people will work and put the bread on your table. I have, I mean NEED to agree that brain is very important and play the major role in our living. Brain enchances the quality of our lifestyle. Very true indeed.
I think this is enough, goodbye people.

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