Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm feeling really tired now. I doubt what's the reason. Lack of sleep or I slept too much. Whatever. Actually I wasn't in the mood of blogging because I've got eye cancer! Some morons typed 'ii lurbb to seee euu smiile' in Friendster. When I was browsing through, my eyes are hurt. Thanks to them! A few reasons why I think they love to type such way:
First of all, they want to act cute! I think that's the main reason.
Secondly, as Sin Yong mentioned to me, they want to cover up the mistakes they made during typing. They might be poor in English but I don't really blame them if they have grammar errors or even spelling error rather than encouraging them to type in such way! I won't look down on people who has poor command of English but on these people out there who type like that. You're causing others to have eye cancer!
Thirdly, they are just following their friends. I'm sure that they've speech defect! Poor kids!
Actually, look! Why can't you type properly? Don't tell me you speak in this way! Rubbish! Totally utterly nonsense!!! Grow up, people! How can things work out if you typed like this?

Finished 'Can You Keep A Secret'. Now I'm craving for 'The Devil Wears Prada'. So any kind peeps out there, can you please lend it to me if you have it? I would love to read the shopaholics series as well.

Let's move into school life now. Today it was pretty screwed up. Every single thing! Lets start with the first thing we had this morning, which was Biology. We were asked to do our practical. Trying to find out the content of vitamin C in certain fruits. Khaw Lin brought the fruits which was grapes, green apple and orange. It went quite well until this friend of mine which I suspected she's having Alzheimer's disease or dementia (disease which Sin Yong had taught me about) threw away the apple juice that Sin Yong got it through her hard work. Never mind about that. She kept singing the whole period as if she's mad. Oh yea, she's certified mad already. I don't know what she's singing. Most probably some kids' alphabet song. ABC, CBA and so on. When we were doing that experiment, she went and threw away the whole juice which we were experimenting on! I couldn't figure out what's wrong with her nerves! Or perhaps one of her screws is already loosen! Crap! Then when she realised that, she said "A ow", then smiled at us widely. Our jaws were dropped. The whole thing went off like that. I hope this won't repeat in the future. I'd have to move away if she continues acting like this. I never want to sit beside her again. Haha. After Biology, we went back to class and had our Moral lesson. It was pretty boring. Copying the answers read out by the teacher. Anyway, at least we had some fun with her because she understands us, teenagers! She's cool yea, if she forgets to teach Moral someday. I'm sure we would have some fun. Forget about that because I knew it's impossible. She's always rushing for the syllabus. Next, PE lesson. Typically boring. We had to do some dancing steps for the coming performance. Our group's formation was screwed up. It's always like that because all of the members only mind their own business. Selfish morons! Ida was in frustration, I think and we couldn't put the blame on her only. Jo Eve too. Sigh! Some of the members were really blur and not paying their full attention. Ida said something which was totally out of her mind. Harlo? What? Personal marks? You think you're going to get high marks of you do your part properly only? This performance is basically based on team work and the coordination of the members. How could you say like that? Getting your marks if you done your part properly? Anyway, everyone has to play their own role! Speak up if you need to. I have no comment to made anymore. I've discussed the formation with her and I really hope she'll tell the other members properly because earlier we have appointed her the leader of our group. She have to take the lead no matter what happens. I agree sometimes she might be wrong. Sigh, no more of this, period. I hope that this ends as soon as possible. I don't want any rivalry going on because of this minor matter. Our BM teacher was absent again. No comment about this too. Then we had EST. Nothing much happened today. A boring day with uninteristing surrounding.
Our class's cleanliness had got over-flowed complaints and comment. I was really exasperated by a girl sitting behind. Never mind if she's cutting anything, but hey! PICK OUT THAT RUBBISH AFTER YOU'VE DONE IT! Her rubbish was the tiny-weeny bit and small ones. It is very hard to sweep alright? Didn't she know that? She has been pampered so much and didn't even have to hold that broom! Her place is really messy. She would always run off before she finishes that business she's doing. What's wrong with her!!!! Arghhhhh! She sits behind in that messy condition and the prefects in charged would always come and check behind the class. Seriously, she needs a tight slap if she continues this. She deserves that!! The rubbish bin is in a terrible condition and I've decided to get one. That bin annoys me so much. Whenever I want to bring it down and clear it, the rubbish in it would always fall down and it's really dirty. It's broken and cannot be mend! OWH, I'VE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT ALMOST EVERY SINGLE THING!!!!

Actually, guess what? Anger is the biggest sin. It affects you silently. Shhhhhh... Goodbye..

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