Friday, July 14, 2006

30 Facts About This Blogger

  1. I'm a very sensitive and complicated person inside although I might look happy to you from the outside.
  2. I think that God has given me an unfair life.
  3. I love my family more than my friends.
  4. I'm always pretending in front of everyone else although I'm really pissed off by their attitude outside.
  5. I hate failure and I can't take it.
  6. I'm 75% self-obsessed.
  7. I backstabbed my own friend before. If it's you, I hope that you can forgive me although I might not deserve it.
  8. I'm selfish at times.
  9. I feel insulted easily.
  10. I'm strongly against you if you say that I'm a spoilt brat! I know I'm not and don't accuse me unnecessarily.
  11. I always hope to be the top to please everyone.
  12. I actually hate a few of my friends because they never treat me as their friend although I had sacrificed a lot for them.
  13. I hate my appearance.
  14. I'm fat, no kidding.
  15. I hate every single thing about myself.
  16. I have nothing attractive about myself.
  17. I can't seem to be myself.
  18. I have this green-eyed monster inside me.
  19. I feel like killing myself.
  20. Sometimes when I sit at the corner and think back about what I've done and said, I can cry easily.
  21. I'm a soft-hearted person. I cry easily.
  22. I have eating disorder. Bulimia, to be exact.
  23. I was involved in two relationships before, not both at the same time of course. I dumped the guy in the first relationship and I got dumped in the second one. So, karma speaks.
  24. I'm a good-for-nothing human on Earth.
  25. I hate procrastinating but I'm undergoing it now.
  26. I hate exams.
  27. I bite my nails.
  28. I had many crush before.
  29. I'm boastful. Who doesn't?
  30. My eyes are like that > $_$. Tell me, who doesn't?

The conclusion is I'm a very foolish, ugly, stupid, immature, selfish and whatever adjectives you can find to describe that I'm vain. Yes, I really am... I have this plan in my mind which is to stop swearing and cursing for 100 days and see whether God is fair enough to give me a better life. Period.

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