Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yesterday went to my uncle's house. His first son, my cousin threw a birthday party due to his first birthday. The cake was similar to Verryn's. From Secret Recipe. I don't really like it. Too sweet. I'm not the one having sweet tooth. The buffet was fantabulous. After the event, went to Sunshine Square. Shopped, bought two sleveless top and a pair of trousers. I went to ask the phone dealer about the price of memory card for my phone. 100++. Still thinking and haven't make a decision yet. Don't know which to buy as I'm currently broke. Mom still owe me 30 bucks. Dad paid back my 100 bucks already. Plan to hang out with Sin next week after the stupid CLHS gathering. Gahhhh! Really boring! Mom is falling sick. Starts to lose her voice. Having sore throat. Thanks to the hot weather like the one is Sahara Desert! Skipped tuition last night due to the party. Having a good time chatting with my girlfriends last night! Sin, no offence alright?

Then today comes. A typical boring Saturday. A public holiday too. But I feel nothing special. Nobody's at home except me. All gone out. Plan to watch Full House later. Such a boring day. Don't know what to blog about. I'll leave it like that.

Oh yea! I'm falling in love! With Keira Knightley. Elegant and beautiful. A perfect figure!

She looks like a CINDERELLA!

Manipulated the picture a bit and had some fun with the brushes

Then now, it's the time for some ugly pictures of mine.

Sin Yong said I looked like a ghost!

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