Saturday, June 10, 2006

Finished two Malay story books that I bought in Popular two weeks ago. 'Skandal' and 'Tak Seindah Impian'. Both of it was awesome. Finished Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses too. Left a few more to go. School holiday is coming to it's ending. Garhh! When can I enjoy the feeling again? Next year it's going to be a torturing one, according to my tutor. So why not enjoy the last one to the fullest? Oh yea, that story book entitled 'Tak Seindah Impian' made me cry during its climax. It was quite touching for people who are soft-hearted like me. Touched easily and spill tears like the stream of a river.

Have been skipping tuition a lot this holiday. Missed Physics and Chemistry lessons. And now I'm suffering from all my mistakes. Couldn't understand a single thing what Sir discussed yesterday. Yet I'm blogging here! Sue me!

Went to CLHS gathering last Wednesday and to my surprise, we won the best sketch. Haha. The sketch was done by us, the Form 4 rangers. So proud of it. The Form 5 's are proven wrong. And I particularly hate Jolyn Hong. She's so bossy! I mean so god-damn-bossy! Garhhhhhh! She's fucking annoying too. The CLHS's scouts told all of us not to stand on the chair. And she's like 'I don't care! Do what I've said, Stand on the chair and wave the banner!' Fucking annoying bitch!
She asked us to wave from 9AM to 5PM. Harlo?? We're not robots! We need rest. Whenever we sit down, she'd go mad and scold us like her dogs! Her attitude sucks! She has a serious attitude problem and needs to go to the doctors. Whenever we didn't cheer, she'd go completely mad too!! Arghhhhh! I hate her so much! Even Gin Theng didn't say anything. What's wrong with her?? And another thing, she loves to look down on people. Those who are not acitve and seldom participate in anything. Active members seldom get scolding but special treat. How unfair is this world?? What is this world becoming to?? Her personality can change so fast like the lightning. Gosh! She's so flirty in front of the CLHS guys and when she faces us, she's not more like a bitch!!

Till then,
I got to go now. Prepare myself for tuition!

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