Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alright, I've something to confess. Not a big one actually. Just come to blog for the sake to update this page. In the morning, I had 'Wan Tan Mee' as my breakfast (fats!) and my brother had the half-boiled eggs. We had it somewhere in Joki Road. I treated them, as in my Mom and brother. I'm such a generous girl, ain't I? O.O awww..*vomits*
Today it's also the second time I sleep in the class. The first time was during last year. After I finished the Moral paper, I slept peacefully under that fan. How cosy it could be huh? This time, I slept during the first period. I don't even realised when my English teacher walked out from the class. I woke up after the girls in my class wished her. I'm afraid that she might be angry of me. She's a bit tough sometimes though she seems to be lenient. Hopefully, I don't get into her nerves. Or else, my marks would fly away like ash! Later, we had Add Maths. A tedious work was given. Nothing much to be talked about.
Most of the girls in my class had their own activity today. Only about 10++ stayed in class. The rest had aerobics, band practice and god-knows-what-else-they-had. We even skipped Biology lesson. Because of our laziness to walk to the Biology lab which is located miles away. We continued lazing until recess time comes. Bought a pen and an exercise book in the bookshop. Then, walked to Physics lab. Only 6 girls were there including me. We received our marks! Mind you, marks only! Couldn't even glance through that papers! Anyway, I had myself to blame. I did MANY careless mistakes. Thanks to that 'gift' and I've got only 82.5. Grrrrrrrr! I've seriously need to slap myself! Add Maths pulled me down a lot and I know it's my fault for not doing all the practice. Besides, thanks to my brain too. Working too slow like a tortoise. Let's talk about History. I have to blame myself again for not practising consistent reading. It was an easy paper and unfortunately I scored only 72 out of 80. Garhhhh! The definitions! Why? Why? Why? I can't help but to continue lazing around during the exam season! If my result is going downhill this time, I've only got myself to be blamed. All of this is done by me, myself! Why can't I be more disciplined? Why do I have the laziness in me? Arghhh! It's driving me crazy. In addition, I had FLU yesterday. And I still do have it now. But it's not so serious compared to yesterday. I sneezed 24/7 yesterday and used up around 12 packets of tissue paper. The medicine ain't working. It exasperated me even more! I failed my Add Maths, a stingy 59!

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