Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yesterday afternoon, my brother took a picture of mine using my phone. I thought it was okay until he sent it to one of the numbers in my phonebook. He did it on purpose! What's worse was the picture is so ugly! Then there's one call from a private number. 0000. I answered. It was a guy! First he speaked Mandarin but after hearing that I replied in English. He continued in English. My brother sent that picture to that guy! I keep on apologizing like an idiot though he says it's alright. After we hang up, he sent me a message.

Him : You got the wrong destination. Pretty girl.
Me : I'm really very sorry!
Him : You look youngish. I believe you're still studying.
Me : Yea. Still studying in a secondary school. By the way, how about you?
Him : I'm a working adult. An engineer. What's your name and which school are you from?

I didn't reply him anymore. You know why........

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