Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm feeling sleepy now. Why? Yesterday slept at 3AM to read History and Biology. Guess what? The History paper was easy because I've done it before. Gah! But Biology was a disaster. I spent much of my time reading History but it seems that I should spend more on Biology. Just realised some of the questions were from the workbook which I got. But I didn't bother to do it. It's my own fault. I know. I can blame nobody. Anyway, just wait for the result and I'm sure it'd be the worst that I've ever achieved. I can imagine it. Especially Add Maths. I NEED MORE PRACTICE! Fine, stop about exams since it's already over.

I installed Illustrator into my computer last night, but didn't try it out yet. Need some tutorials because I know nothing about it. Going to sit down and surf for hours when I'm free. Maybe next week. I'll be going out with my Mom later. Helping her with some work. Then if possible, I'd like to take a nap. I don't care if I skip the drama today. My eye bags are swelling up. I look like a ghost. Anyway, I'm happy with the Illustrator because I got it free. Haha! My cousin got it for me actually. That guy. Sigh. Immature thinking. Something happened and I don't think it's appropriate for me to mention it here. This is public and I don't think it's safe enough! Anyway, I need to have some privacy, right? My Photoshop CS2 is acting as if it is jealous. I installed Illustrator and now when I try to open Photoshop, there's error. Sigh. Going to fix it next week. No time now. Have to finish my Add Math tuition homework as soon as possible. If not, I'll be so dead! That's it for now. I have tons of homework to be done and story books to read! Yay!!

Music playing : Welcome to the Detroit City by Tricky ft. Eminem

PS : To Sin, tell me when you're free. Let's hang out again. I miss those times. Nanny McPhee and I Not Stupid Too. I want Prangin now. No more of Gurney!

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