Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's 2.23PM now. I came here to blog like nobody's business. So what have I done today? Hmm. Practically nothing much. Had breakfast + lunch and came back now. I also have the definition of 'Chemistry' in my mind now for tomorrow's Paper 2. But I know that wouldn't help much. So what is Chemistry?
Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties and interactions of matter.
That's all I know about Chemistry.
I already screwed up my Add Maths Paper 2 and I don't want to fail. So I NEED to do more exercise despite the fact that I hate Add Maths so much. I wonder who is that pea-brained-idiot that came out with Add Maths. Gahhhhhhhhh! Maybe I should look at it in a different perspective. PERHAPS I would like it later. I'll be having my BM Paper 1 tomorrow as well as Chemistry Paper 2. So if there's anyone out there, wish me lots of luck alright? I've also gotten my new handphone, the Motorola SLVR. I want to get some money to buy some new clothes to pamper myself after the exams. I think I can save some from my allowance. Below are some pictures of me procrastinating during the day before the exams despite the fact that I SHOULD be studying. Such a bad bad bad girl!

The mad girl.

The angle where the photo was taken was quite lovely except my head which ruined it.

I think that this picture might fool you about me due to some reasons.

Just a random one.

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