Monday, March 13, 2006

I might be closing down this blog. I don't really have the time to update it anymore. I sounded like some shit right? OK yea!I HATE MYSELF! I'm feeling really bad of what I've done since the minute I was born till now. I'VE SINNED A LOT!! Sigh. I have no more to say. Whenever I looked into the mirror, I feel that I'm so ugly and such a bitch! I did nonsense stuff and I'm so immature! Dumb dumb! Scatology is one of the serious offence that I've commited. I speak a lot of it. I'm quitting! I want to be good! There's nothing to be cool about if you're speaking like that, in fact I'm feeling it's the language of the sluts! No, no, no! No more of this nonsense!

Right now, I'm chatting and I feel so sick! One guy named Sashi approached me and asked me out. Crazy ain't he? Obviously I rejected his offer by saying that my parents don't allowed me into these nonsense. Such a good excuse ain't it? All of a sudden, I remember a friend of mine said don't go meeting up some anonymous that you chat with. Sigh. The person is not here anymore. So there's no use thinking back. Go on..

Yesterday : Sunday, 12th of March.
Had an awesome outing with my friends and my sister. Stayed in Prangin till 7.30 and watched two movies besides attending Daph's birthday party. Warren seemed so lonely and isolated over there, sitting alone. Oh, did I just typed seemed? No no no, it's true and he WAS lonely and isolated. Khaw Lin said his look is just so dissapointing. Haha. But there's none of her business right, it's Daph's choice. To me, he's OK except his childish look. Haha. Khaw bought a DVD (Earthsea) and lent it to me. Sadly, my oh-SO-LAME DVD player can only play those expensive and original DVD. Such a nice movie but I couldn't watch. Sigh. The two movies as mentioned above were just nice. Nanny McPhee and I Not Stupid 2. I can't make any comparison. Both of them just got me. But I can say that I Not Stupid 2 is touching. I cried and my tears was all over my face. And Sin Yong was sitting beside me and keep on asking 'you cry ar' LOL, of course I did try to hide. Haha. But alas, I failed. After the two movies, we separated and we as in my sister and me went to Popular and she bought correction tape. Sigh, mine almost finish too. But who cares, I'm going to get a new one in school. Just don't feel like shopping already because my parents already reached to fetch us. There's types of people you can see in Prangin, from poor to rich. I saw beggars and some foreginers. Asking us whether we'd want their bus service. We had our dinner with our parents. Then came back around 10 and tried to play that DVD. But sadly, it turned up a dissapointment. That's all about it.

I got to go now. Mom's urging me to wipe the windows. I've got to start my revision as soon as possible. I'll be having tuition this evening and at night. Such hectic day to go! Yeah! Will be striving till the very end!

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