Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday 9th of March, 2006. I'm sitting here, blogging like nobody's business. Just finished Starstruck by Cathy Hopkins. It's kind of like interesting as the story centres about teens and their peers. The story line is also very moderate not the special or unique ones. I'd advise you guys out there, there's no need to buy this book, if it's available in the library, go borrow and buy it. It's not worth spending your money on this book unlike My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult which worth every penny of yours. My Sister's Keeper is somehow great to me. OK, I'll stop about this two books. Actually, I have purpose in reading these books. I have the book review assignment to be done and it should be passed up after the one week holiday. If not, why would I spend my precious time reading something like Starstruck? Sigh. I can't wait to go to Add Maths tuition again this Monday night. Haha. That class is so damn funny! Today, the Add Maths class is cancelled due to meeting of the headmistress and all the teacher. So I'm wasting time again like a human without any aim in life! Yea, I am. Oh yea, we had Chemistry test today and I really hate myself for losing marks in easy questions and made stupid mistakes. The hard ones I've got it correct! I'm such an idiot!!! Sue me!! Heck, I'll still have to continue studying for the Mid- Semester test. I hope I can make my results better this year. I don't want my marks to go downhill again. I'm just so sick of it and I want cash and rewards this year if I could make it! Gambatte! By the way, Illy and I were rushing like hell during the BM period. We went down to call our parents and inform them about cancelled Add Maths class. Then we ran to the library like mad and fortunately it's still open. If not, we'd be dead meat because the deadline to return the book is today. Then we walked back to class which is located so far away from the library. And we rushed to finish up the BM homework. It was terrible. My writing and I don't even care what the shit I'm writing. So prepared to be screwed up when teacher returns the paper. Everything's fine today. Haha, waiting for my allowance for this month.

The aimless,
Wai Yee

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