Saturday, March 25, 2006

Finally! After much procrastination, I finally come here to blog about my freaking life. I've just been told by my Mom to stop my current Add Maths tuition. Alright, I'm unhappy now. She gave the excuses like that sir is giving tips for SPM not teaching. I was terribly shocked because as I know, that sir teach by using past years' questions. You know, the questions will be just the same but they'll turn and twist each year. I told her last night and I've just woke up to receive the news that I'm actually going to stop that tuition! Sigh! My Add Maths improved a lot since I went there last month, I don't feel that's anything wrong! I've tried to convince her but she gave another excuse which is that sir is horny, he is teaching the kids to get bad! What the heck? I mean, it's like just normal for us to talk about this nowadays. Furthermore, I don't think that the sir is out of the line. Sigh! I don't want to stop this tuition half way when I'm improving. This is killing me and my future! I can see my future already dimmed! She asked me to go to the same one like my friends. My friends is changing from Mr. Ong's tuition to another one. Argh!!! I don't want to change! Tell me, what can I do to convice my Mom from changing my Add Maths tuition! Because of that tuition only, I managed to do my Add Maths paper this test. If you ask me to change now? I wonder what will happen in future! God! Help me, I don't want any change to my Add Maths tuition!

Mid-term test is already over, I'm curious about the result next week. Teachers' will be enjoying marking our papers with so much mistakes! LOL! I'm having fun here procrastinating again although I'll be having Physics and Chemistry test in my tuition later. Right after my mid-term test, I bought two CDs to reward myself. I didn't sleep during the night before the last day of the test. I'm pushing myself to read History and Biology. I wonder how much effort that I put that night will be paid off? Just wait for the results next week alright? And before I forgot about this, I was given
3 dimerits from Pn.Kheng because I brought my pencil case in during the exam. I admit it's my fault and my blurness. Lack of sleep the night before caused me in such trouble. But can't she be a little more considerate? I mean I was sitting in front of the teacher's table and the teacher is there, how could I actually can copy or cheat in the exam? Please, go home and check your freaking brain and senses, whoever you are. I hope next year, you won't be teaching me. That's all about the incident that I could remember till now during the test.

Yesterday, Vanessa came to my house and transfered songs into her W550. Alright, she bought it with her own money and which I think costed her a bomb. One thousand over. Although I have the money, but do you think it's worthy for me to spend on this handphone? I don't think so, as I just need a phone which can function properly. I don't need a stylist or sassy handphone. I'm just simply using my old one. I'm lucky to get the colour screen one althought it's without camera. I'm just happy with it. If you ask me whether I want a MP3 player now, I will give my answer confidently which is NO! I don't need any of it and I don't need it for the sake of my ears. The papers reported that the MP3 actually damages your ears. You'll be deaf sooner or later. I don't know, they've done the research and reported it. So, I'm wondering how many years will the guy sitting beside me during my English tuition take to be deaf if he continues this habit. To me, it should be alright if you listen to it sometimes but everyday with the earphone hanging around? No! You are just seeking for trouble. Apart from that, he tuned up his volume to the max, I think as I can actually listen to what he's listening. Very clear!

Anyway, I'm wondering should I take up a swimming course and digital art this holiday. The May test will be over before the holiday, and I don't want to waste any time anymore. Swimming in order to make me grow taller as I'm freakingly short. Digital art is one of my interest. I'll go if I have the chance. Why do I mentioned it here? See! I've nothing else better to do again. Sigh! Queen of procrastination!

Signing off to read (not study) Physics and Chemistry,
The Queen of procrastination, Wai Yee!

P/S : I think the link for the picture in my layout ain't working anymore, so bear with it until I get it done.

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