Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yesterday my family and I went together to the 'Street Festival' in Penang. It was packed with people and not to forget dogs since it's the year of the dog now. Many stalls selling food were available too. I saw many faces I know but they don't know me. Senior citizens, families, couples, teenagers, singles, kids, and even babies in their Mom's arm! Anyway, I saw Hemalalitha, Jewel, Yan Yee and a ex-Georgian. The surrounding there was pretty hot and lucky for me as I tied my hair up. But I still do feel hot because I was wearing a black-T. We had our dinner there. As usual, at this kind of function, the food are usually more expensive and less compared to the normal day. My brother bought 6 sausages for 20 bucks and heck, they're not cooked! It's OK, it's still New Year and I won't curse anyone. We had some vegetarian food and drinks. It's all extra expensive! There were perfomances and shows by kids, students from Chinese schools and some senior citizens singing all those old songs. It was fun as we were busy taking photographs of the decorations they had prepared earlier. There's a secret that I want to talk about here. Don't spread it alright? I went to take angpows on the stage. Among them, there's only kids and I felt like I was so tall. Muahahaha!! I managed to grab two angpows but my brother failed to get even one. So I was kind and generous enough to give him one. I don't mind because inside there's only 1 buck. Hehe. I also had one balloon in my hand. It's from the Celcom people. Damn nice because I felt like a kid when I had one balloon in my hand and an ice-cream in the other. Nice nice nice! We were back at around 10 something. But before that, we stopped in a coffee shop and take some supper. I was quite full so I took something light. After came home, I went online a while but too bad, Sin Yong wasn't online anymore. So till then, I'm going to do my P.E folio now. And oh yea! I quitted my Add Math tuition. I supposed to attend the class this morning but I slept till 10.30. I ain't taking Add Math tuition anymore. Decided to cope up with my own 'effort'. Blek! Wish me luck OK? *grins*
Bye bye guys~ Perhaps I won't be blogging so often like now. Busy busy busy~~

P/S 1: This is the picture that Sin Yong doesn't believe that I didn't take it on purpose. I was trying to snap the front view but I snapped the side view instead.

Joanne! I took this picture accidentally in tuition and she looked really pretty after straightening her hair!

The watches I bought in Genting. I gave one to my sister. The one on the left is hers while the right one is mine!

P/S 2: Who wants to get this cell phone? Motoslvr! The model which is pretty slim from Motorola.
Market price : RM1000 ++
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