Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What is Wai Yee doing now? Instead of trying out her Additional Mathematics question or even studying her History textbook, she's debating the topic of love with a guy! Alright, he ain't any cool guy or famous or whatever. He's the baby bear of Peewit Patrol/2004. I've decided not to reveal his identity here. But I'm pretty sure that he has the wrong way to judge love. He's crazy that he told me he loved 1 girl per day. This is just some puppy love that won't last. It's transcient. He's 15 this year but that girl is only 12. OK, the age isn't very obvious. I admit. He said he'll love that girl till the end of the world. But who will do this? Seriously, love isn't all. It's only a feeling. Perhaps you think that if you keep thinking of him/her, you love him/her. But it's your mind, you can control it. If you want to forget your ex, try to keep yourself occupied. This really works. I've tried it out before. Haha.

OK, today isn't very pleasant. Because school is going to start tomorrow. I can't figure out how to settle the questions in the textbook. Additional Mathematics. Sigh. Sin Yong too. And she told me not to do, so that we could drag the time and sir will cancel off the test. Haha. That's pretty clever of her. I threaten her to slap her butt if she ever ask her brother to solve it. Haha. I'm tired today. A very short post for today.

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