Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Last night, I've got more than enough sleeping hours. It's more than eight hours. I was too exhausted for anything else that I went to the slumberland after finishing the house chores. I got up the next morning with a fresh mind, not kidding! Seriously, I did until I went mad because I failed to find my P.E T-shirt! I went on cursing people in the early morning. Then at last, I went out and fetch in one T-shirt which is still wet and iron it. Damn it, I bought two and I've already lost one. This morning went to school as usual, had lessons like usual. Everything's smooth sailing and I finished all my homework in school! *grins*
Something happened during the Chemistry lesson, our teacher isn't that experienced and speaks fluent English. Esther and Christine are really rebellious and they're so hyperactive! I mean their tongue and their mouth! They went against that teacher and made the class turned upside down. And Sin Yong sitting behind said she didn't understand that lesson, I was like 'What? Didn't you take tuition outside? I thought you should know these.' I still doubt her words. Is she playing the teacher? She's just so weird! The teacher forfeited Esther for not bringing her textbook to school. She had to pay 10 cents to Illy, the treasurer. Guess what, instead of paying a 10 cent coin, she took out 10 of her 1 cent coin! She even asked Illy to show the teacher. Haha. That's all about the Chemistry lesson. One thing which is very funny, when Illy asked the teacher what should she do with that coins that Esther had paid, she replied 'Ups to you'. Hahaha! Although the teacher isn't really good in teaching, but at least give her a chance. I believe she made an effort to teach us. Don't just blame her on anything because somehow we have to respect her as a teacher. I'm not siding either one of them but this is just my opinion. I stayed back for sports practice too. I also signed up for the aerobic stuff. Because I'm afraid to be forced to join marching or even cheerleading. Both of that sucks! I reached home at about 5 because I fetched Joanne too. Then I started to procrastinate again. Grrr!! I came online and typed out all the members of 1st Coy. Later, I went to tuition and just came back now. I did nothing at all about that P.E folio. I'm so dead! Deadline is getting nearer, this Thursday. I'm afraid that I'll have to stay up till the morning to settle it as the teacher wants it to be hand written work! Damn!

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