Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hmm. Second day of the Chinese New Year. Angpows collected more than 500 bucks already. Almost finish collecting. There's really nothing that excites me since yesterday. I mean yea, there's a few. But not the extremely excited ones. Before this I was really excited to celebrate it. But two days are gone now. Now I have to really study hard. No more playing or honeymoon. Top list in homework, Add Math exercise!! (>.<)

First day of CNY, celebrated the occasion with my grandfather, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Nothing great about that except collecting angpows. One of my cousin who is studying in Disted brought a digital camera along. And I thought she's like other girls who always bring their baby digital camera along and take whatever pictures and post it up in their blog(s). Anyway, she said no and said she just uploaded them in her Friendster. So I was like what? You're having Friendster too? Haha. She asked me back the same question. And I was like yea.. Then that's how we exchanged our e-mail addresses. My sister told her that she personally created one too. She was quite surprised to hear it as my sister is kind of too small for it. Underage I mean. Stop about this stupid conversation. Or else I'll go crazy. And oh yea! Her (that cousin) brother brought back a Thai girlfriend. Not bad, good-looking. Haha. Don't know how to describe her. She's born in China but being raised up in Thailand makes her speaks English more than Mandarin or other Chinese languages. But she could understand somehow. So as usual like the past years, we had steamboat. Very bloated with it! I think I gained weight already. Sigh!

Today I spent the whole day in my grandmother's house. Yesterday was my dad's side and today it's my mom's family turn. Before that, we went to Lu Ying's house and my eldest uncle's house. I hate the feeling to go my eldest uncle's house. They're rich but so what? Does it mean you have to be arrogant? Especially his grown up children. I know it's not safe to write it all down here. It's public! I'll stop about them here k! Lastly, we went to my grandma's house. They greeted us with warm smiles unlike some people I mentioned earlier. I don't want to spoil my mood during CNY with this incident. I received big angpows in other words big amount of money from my aunts and grandma. Haha. Though less angpows collected, but I recieved more money. Haha. Mom, grandma and aunt talked outside while I just pulled out one of the cushions and sleep on the floor. I can't stand anymore, I was too sleepy for that. I couldn't sleep in the room as it's really warm inside. Can suffocate sleeping inside. In the evening, the eldest aunt came with her children. Big angpows too. Haha. Her daughter's husband (someone working in the Motorola company with high pay) gave her a new handphone. Guess what? The latest model from Motorola. Haha. The slim one. Really slim! But Motorola is somehow weird to me. I mean the functions. Stop about Motorola or else the company'd sue me. At night, the cousin of mine aka 'Peh Ba' as what they called him came back. He brought my brother to buy some fire crackers nearby. This afternoon he called me to get the number of his ex-girlfriend. But I failed the task! Want to know why? I wasn't allowed to exposed my identity nor his! Second, my credit is almost finished because of calling that bitch! Third, I wasn't a good liar! Haha!! I wasn't told that which secondary school she's from or I'd make up stories that I was her ex-schoolmate. Anyway, when my cousin came back, I asked him, why don't you call her yourself? He replied, her Mom don't like guys to call her. I questioned him again, what's your relationship with her? He answered, she was my ex-girlfriend. You know it, some short relationship and break-up. It's just normal for them. But I couldn't figure out why he wanted her back so badly after all? Hmm. Only he knows the reason. Wasted my credit for calling that bitch! Didn't scold him yet! Somemore owe me one movie!

I came back around 11 something at night. Before I reached the lift, guess what I see on the floor? I mean on the road below the apartment? Some uncivilized behaviour done by some uncivilized people in the country. Some anonymous and I can assure you that it's a girl who did that. There's a pad thrown beside the road. My mom had been parking near the road since long time ago and that shameful behaviour had started since months ago. Though we suspected someone, but there's no evidence. Alright, when I sees that, something pooped up in my mind, if I have a digital camera with me I'd have capture it and send it to the Star and get some rewards through the blog Star section. Sigh, but too bad, I have none. So just forget about it. My eyes are really tired now, had been waiting for Sin Yong to online from just now, but she didn't appear at all! Sigh, must be busy collecting money again! She's rich now!! Let's go rob her!! Yahooooo!!

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