Thursday, February 09, 2006

I just realised that I've posted so little entry only. Well, as compensation, I'll try to post up more whenever I'm free and only if I feel to do so. This blog has a new reader already. So I can't really post up anything offensive. Although so, this is my blog and and if I like it to be like that, please respect me just like how I respect you. Sigh. These two days is going to be fun, today and tomorrow. Today, it's the time we let down our hair and enjoy ourselves. It's quite fun and everyone looks pretty in their own traditional costume. This condition could be hardly found anywhere. We've got Baju Kurung, Cheongsam, Saree, Punjabi Suit (aka 'Ah Pun' suit, I named it), Samfoo and lots more. As for me, I wore the Punjabi suit. It's black and has sequins all around. Haha. Feeling damn weird when I came to school in the early morning. Then borrowed Mohana's bangles and wear like an Indian. Lol! K fine, almost all of my classmates are wearing their own costumes except Sin Yong and Fong Yuin. They did it on purpose. Booooo! Carmen and Jamie were absent. Carmen played truant and Jamie was having a stomachache. First, we studied Physics but I bet all of us didn't pay full attention. All was busy with their clothes. OK, we took pictures like mad but Illy like it. She said she come with the intention just only to capture pictures. I love her sandals. They just look so cool! Life goes on. We partied and joked around. The atmosphere is just the same like after PMR. Everyone's so relieved. Then all this parties ended at 1.15PM. And that's it. I've no mood to type anymore.


In the afternoon, I slept like a pig. Just too tired for anything else. The weather was damn hot and the air was just too dry.
Somebody in my MSN list brought up this topic. The end of the world is coming. I certainly agree with this. Indeed, it has come nearer than what we've predicted. So beware, death is near. Talking about death, I want to share a story here.
Once upon a time, there's a man working in the paddy field if I'm not mistaken. And last time, 'Death is visible'! How cool it can be, huh? Lol! So one day, this man saw Death. Death told him that he'll live until the age of 80, if I'm not mistaken. From that day onwards, the man started to work on a project. He started to dig deeply into the ground and formed a room. One day, he saw Death again. He told Death he wanted to show something and asked Death to follow him. When they reached the room, he locked Death inside. Since then, people lived for a long time. Population increased and there was lack of food. The man was also old enough to die but he can't instead he suffered. So he decided to free Death. He went to that room and freed Death. Then, many people including that man who were supposed to died, died. They died peacefully. And the cycle of life continues. Life and death. That's nature. I read this story somewhere and somehow it caught my attention.
OK, finish about the story and I'll continue my job to crap. I just found out that my cousin's grandma has died. The cousin that I mentioned is the one from my Mother's side. So basically, he's somehow abandoned by his Mom when he was small and left with her Dad. He's smart if he really study and he'd have a bright future. But things always go the other way round. OK, I won't continue any futher about this topic. So now, he's selling something lamp berger. You know, something aroma stuff like that. It'd cost me a bomb if I'd buy that from him. Thousands over. Boooo! He somehow advised me to tell him if anyone introduced me to MLM business. But I'm too stupid to know what is it all about. So fine, nobody has asked me and I'll just shut up and sit at the corner.
Now it's something about my sister. Her ex-primary schoolmate sent her a message in hi5 and told her about her life with her Mom in New Caledonia in the Pacific. Her Dad had passed away when she was in Standard 5. Then her Mom remarried again to a scientist there and they transferred there. Shhh! Stop, why am I so buybody about some human's business?? Boooooooooo! She has sent a message to my sister and taught her French. Au revoir and sutff like that. She's smart that she managed to master that language in such a short time. She also hate Maths just like other kids there. Why they hate it? I don't really get it. Maths is like so easy excluding Add Maths. It's freaking difficult. Anyway, I think I'll just end this post here.

Au revoir! Take care, readers!

Signing off,
Wai Yee

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