Monday, February 13, 2006

I looked big in this picture? Lol! It was taken in the morning when I was blur enough.

This time, the size is bigger! Woooooooooooooo!!

OK, here I am once again! To blog, to share my experience, to share about my life? Why do I blog? Personal satisfaction, to show off my pretty and neat skin, to try out my skills in HTML, to improve my grammar and language and to kill time.

I've been procrastinating these days. I can't afford to procrastinate anymore or else I'd have to prepare to flung my all my topical tests and exams. Life's been reaxing for me and I began to feel more and more lazy. Being me ain't any easy job. I've got to study and complete the house chores as well. What's more with the co-curricular activity in school? Gosh! My life is so screwed up and packed. I ain't involve in the conflict between Daphne and Carmen anymore. Whatever they do has nothing to do with me anymore. I'll just be a normal girl. I don't want to be a traitor or any backstabber. I hate to see it like that. I hate when relationships come to this stage. It's so awful to see both of your friends to fight and in dilemma. Sucks! I won't discuss any further about this topic anymore. Whatever is going to happen, let it happen. Let faith decide.

Normal Monday, went to school for gain knowledge but unfortunately some of the teachers was absent. Oh yea, I've received my PMR certificate during the assembly this morning. Our English teacher told us that the headmistress was happy with the 'Muhibah Day' and she planned to pick one day in the second term to held it again. Gosh! Aliens walking around again. Feeling lazy to go already. You know, you don't really enjoy it when something enjoyable is held so many times. It'll be boring.


Went for English tuition this afternoon. My teacher said that she doesn't go for the local SPM grades but the Cambridge's. So everything just sucks. Terrible grades and marks. My grammar is so bad that I got many mistakes in the essay. My vocabulary is low. Lack of vocabulary in other words. So she advised me to read more newspaper and novels. Gosh! I need to read novels. I can hardly find time to sleep these days. Ask me to read novel? Want me to have panda eyes? Gosh! OK, never mind. I won't ask for trouble, I'll try my very best to obey her. About newspaper, I think I'll better buy New Straits Time. And not to forget, magazines! To feast my eyes! After so much reading on those black and white papers. Boooooooooooooooo! I'm going to be like Khaw Lin, the magazine freak! OK, I've got to go now. I just realised that I haven't finish P.E stuff yet.
Au revoir, readers!

Signing off,
Wai Yee

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