Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today is 24th of January. Another busy day for a human who lives on Earth. She's a nobody who everyone doesn't appreciate her presence. I could feel that. Anyway, I'm very annoyed and angry because of what my sister did on my History textbook. She's absent from school today because of the stomach ache reason. I stayed back till 4.10 PM in school today for sports practice. It wasn't as tiring as last week's practice. I fetched Joanne back home too. In school before I went back, I was approached by Joey and Cheng Yee from behind. Surprised and shocked of course. When I came back, I told my sister that I told her friends why she's absent. Actually I was just lying. She was angry that she knocked my study table. That wasn't the worst till the pile of books on the table fell down. My History textbook was folded at it's cover!!! Dumb ass!!! It costed me RM13.90!! Damn damn damn!!! I've no mood to read or even to study that book already! DAMN!!! This is the first time my book was spoiled till like that PURPOSELY! I could accept if the incident is an accident but she did it on purpose!!! DAMN!!! I went to sleep later, I'm too tired to look at her face anymore. I fell asleep for 1/2 hour. I woke up at 6 something to continue my daily house chores which is to sweep and clean the floor. Life's so unfair to me. Seriously, I'm depressed now. I signed in into MSN but I didn't bother to online instead I set my status to appear offline. Tiring and torturing day for me! I hate to see my books to be folded like that. Furthermore, it's only the beginning of the year. Besides that, it's HISTORY textbook! If there's test, I am only supposed to study that material! Damn!!! I'm not in the mood anymore!!! Currently listening to 'I don't wanna know' by Mario. It's sounded familiar at first till I realised that that's the ringing tone of my Mom's cell phone. Going to end this entry now, I'm supposed to prepare for Physics tuiton in Forest already. Oh yea, before I forget, Pn. Zarina, our class teacher which happen to be our Chemistry teacher didn't enter the class today but she asked us to do the notes. I'm seriously going to be dead if I didn't attend any Chemistry tuition outside.

Going off,
Wai Yee

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