Friday, January 27, 2006

Dear blog, I've been pouring my feelings towards you. How about you? You don't have any feeling, do you? Haha. I'm crapping all the way. I'm exhausted, just finished wiping all the windows in my house. Too bad, I have no maid that's why I'm always doing the house chores. My hands are no longer that soft. Haha. Who cares? No one, I bet.

School wasn't bad at all today. I went together with my sister this morning. As usual, with empty-stomach. I can hardly have any breakfast before going to school. No time for that. Arrived at school around 7. I was surprised with the news that Jamie actually made sushi for all of us. Touched! The sushi she made was really nice and delicious. Serious. Perhaps I feel that because I was hungry and my stomach started to growl already when I saw it. Haha. She actually woke up at 3.50 in the morning to make it for us. I'm really touched with your kindness, Jamie. You're the best, man! Later we went down for assembly in the field near the road. We crapped, talked, joked but didn't fight. I'm crapping again. Forgive me please. *Clears my throat* Then came Emmelia, I teased her about the paint she drew on her face, she then shot back me by critizing my guide's skirt. Although, we're not in the same class this year, I could still find her warm and nice soul. After Emmelia, then came a model-soon-to-be, Sandra, she complained aboutPn. Kheng. Haha. She also impersonated Pn. Kheng with her funny acting. She's really hillarious!

Next, after assembly, we (the twins, Illy, Sin Yong and I) went around to play games and grabbing prizes like sweets, candies, chocolates and sign up for clubs, society and uniform bodies.
Badminton club's service was like a pile of shit! Same goes to the Squash Club! Sorry, we won't vote for you all! Just look at yourself, your just some spoilt brat. Just get lost! The Ping Pong Club committee members are much more better than all of you. They offered us games and if we win, we'll get prizes. Four of us got ourselves a candy. I was walking around and chewing the candy until the tigeress saw me. The one that Sandra complained earlier. She's just so annoying! I was trying to hide my candy but she saw that with 4 eyes of hers! Boo boo boo!!! She came and said, 'Didn't you hear the announcement just now?' Bla bla bla! I remained silent and just rushed to the canteen together with Sin Yong. We missed Khaw Lin. She was in the band room practising for the performance. Sin Yong and I went to fill up our stomach. She had spaghetti which was 4 bucks. I had nasi lemak which costed me 2 bucks. That's the best I could find. I hate spaghetti. Don't ask me for the reason. I just hate it. Anyway, it wasn't bad. Just moderate. Later we went loitering around and signed up for the Editorial Board under Graphic Department. Well, the head of the department is Han Lyn. She has the package of look, brain, and talent. She's kind of a perfect girl. Not to forget another aspect, she's rich too! Haha. Then we met back Illy and Joanne, Illy was busy complaining about Hui Ying and changing her experience with Verren who also seems to be unpleased with Hui Ying's behaviour. Well, I secretly agree with them too. Another thing, Illy told me that she's not happy with every single word that the gecko in the class said or even every single action she takes. She said nothing about her pleased me.

Help! I'm dilemma. Between Daphne and Carmen. I mean I befriend Daphne just like usual. And she (Carmen) called me traitor. What kind of world is this? There're no rules stated that I can befriend her just because you hates her. She's kind to me. And so do you. Why can't I have you both as friends? Why must I choose one? Daphne is more considerate I think, she doesn't complain about me befriend Carmen. I'm not like Jamie. I don't need anyone's permission in choosing friends. Jamie ignored Daphne just because her best friend, Carmen hates her. Come on, this is so unfair to her alright? Just think of my words if you ever found out that I wrote this to you guys.

Help again! My Additional Mathematics homework and the tuition and the teachers! Owh good! Things would be beter if I wasn't that stupid! I just can't cope with it. Everything's alright till Inverse Function. I need some guidance in that. And fortunately there's a genius sitting beside me, Illy! My saviour! I'm going to be dead soon as we'll be having a small test about that chapter after CNY!

Yea yea! I'm just too nervous to celebrate CNY! Really looking forward for it! 1 day more to go! Yay!!!

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