Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Busy, busy, busy. I know this sounds lame but I can do nothing about this. I'm busy with my school work and house chores. I can't wait for Chinese New Year to arrive. I want to put on my new clothes and walk around with it. Lol. You must be thinking that I'm nuts. Yea, go ahead with your stupid and non-logical thinking. Today, we did basically nothing in school. Quite a number of teachers didn't come into class. Anyway, it's fun without them. We did our homework and gossip all along. Especially during English lesson. We were asked to list down something about friends, what qualities do you want in your friends? We managed to list down 34 crappy qualities with stupid reasons. Honestly, it's really stupid. Khaw Lin and Illy were absent today. Illy called me this afternoon and asked about the homework. I told her basically nothing except Biology experiment that she'd have to copy it in the practical book. I have no idea what's up with Khaw. Perhaps playing too much with her new cell phone and got up late. Biology today has no difference with the previous lesson. What I mean is I'm blur with what's that woman is teaching. She keep on smiling all the way she talked. Oh man! I know your teeth is white, don't need to show it off. Save it please! Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. We went out to some seafood restaurant for dinner. Food was quite delicious. Nothing special with that occasion as we usually go out for dinner Sunday nights. Let me reveal what we've gossiped this afternoon during English lesson. The gossip group consists of the twins, Carmen, Christine, Esther, Jamie and surprisingly me! Haha. I know that's not funny. The topic today was who is the one in SGGS act cute the most? As you know, I hate people with double face. In the sense that pretending to be serious when it's study time and facing friends. But having another attitude when facing guys! Oh come on! Be yourself! You're born original, don't die a copy! Fakers! Posers! Get lost from my life! Go get yourself a life, won't you? Among the list, there's a person from Akik, let me name her A. The second person is someone from the same class with A too, let me name her, B. Next person is from the same class as mine, let me name her C. The fourth girl is also from the same class with C, let me name her D! Lol! I'm driving you guys mad! We voted for the girl among four of them who has the worst act-cute-attitude! And, *drum rolls* too bad A won the award! No use begging me to tell you who's A! I'm not going to reveal to you guys. I just want you guys to get the rough idea what we were discussing this afternoon. Hehehe. I getting fatter these days. Seriously, I think. I'm not free to weigh myself yet. Still 4* kg, if I'm not mistaken! But the bad news is I think I didn't grow tall at all! Damn it! I hate my height. Forget about it, or else Carmen'd call me ****** again! Stupid! I hate to be *****!
I came back around 2 this afternoon. As usual, I done the same thing everyday. That's what you call daily routine.
P/S: I posted this entry (23 Jan) today which is (24 Jan) because of some reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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