Friday, January 13, 2006

Oh my God! Homework! Hate it! I hate to sketch my routine and the food I take for PE's assignment. Sin Yong just reminded me of the science project! Damn! I don't even have enough members in my group! This is totally crazy! Again, it's last minute's work! Sigh. So many homework. I'm so dead! Homework are as follows :
EST (something about outer space and how they shit without gravitational pull, their shits floating around perhaps? lol!)
History - Excercise and Notes
Physics - Conversion
Add Maths -Tons of questions
PJ - Sketch and find infomations for the folio
So many to be done but too little time! Time management! Yea, I can have a busy Saturday instead of a boring Saturday! Congrats me please! So tired because I just came back from tuition. Chemistry. I was so blur. Azzreen told me that her Chemistry teacher is going to teach in BM instead of using English. I was so blur that I replied her who's my teacher? I forgot that I'm in the same class with her! That was the first time. Second when she was holiding her 'Radioactive' pencil case, I told her I saw someone in the class using the same one but it's pink. She shouted at me, it's mine! Haha. I was really blur! Imagine that I could bring my Physics file to tuition tonight instead of Chemistry. I ended up sharing notes with Khaw Lin. What happened to me today! I was really freaking blur! We had a photograph session this morning. Individual ones. Damn stupid! Stop about that. I hate that, I'm not going to explain any further about this matter.

I had attended the pass down ceremony of first coy today. Company leader as expected is Phang Carmen. ACL is Cher-Yin. Phang Ling is the treasurer. That's what I remember and I'm not going to reveal my post here. Lol! I was thinking of changing my skin again because the current one looks very childish. It's doesn't really suits me as I'm happily single now. No worries about my marital status. Haha. I have to take the trouble to read 15 story books during this few months to gain 2 marks extra for the examinations. I planned to read 16. But I don't know whether I could make it or not. I'm really busy. I've got no time for Biology tuition, basically I'm forcing myself to study. It's quite hard also especially those scientific terms. Accounts, I'm still figuring out whether I shall take it for SPM or not. Sigh. I've no time to attend any tuition or extra class. I'm really very busy with my homework. How many time have I repeated the phrase 'I'm busy'? Alright, I'll stop doing that. Currently focing myself to read 'Ten Thousand Sorrows' for the Nilam project. I don't really like that compared to The Story of An Unwanted Daughter. I love it so much! I think I would have to stop here. Bye people. I mean only Sin because she's the only one reading all my entries. No one else right?

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