Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just cleaned myself after got back from school. Well, everything isn't very bad. We have a blur class teacher who is so blur about the timetable. But we can't blame her because it's really blur. Sometimes we can go back at 1.15 and sometimes at 2.30. That's totally hell because I need to stay back till 6.40 to go back together with my sister which is studying in the afternoon session. Some of the good news are most of the Chinese students in 3 Jed are now in 4 Jed. That's cool isn't it? Haha. Love all of them! Anyway, we're having new friends too. But basically, I know quite a lot of them. Another good news is Liani is studying in the next class. Though Lu Ying, she and me are not in the same class, but we're lucky to get together during recess. The last news which is equally great is we're not having Daria and Pritam this year to teach us! Really very thankful to God. But too bad, Mr. Sa'adan went off for a holiday. Sigh, he's such a nice teacher. Now, it's the time for me to type out the bad news. I've been selected to be the monitor of the class again. And it's totally sucks! I hate the post. I've suffered one year which is last year because of the post. No! I'm not going to take it again. I'd rather be the assistant! I'm forced by the ex - 3 Jaders! Stupid, I said before to them, if you still take me as your friend, please don't vote for me! I hate it! But still they make me into this trouble. Sigh. I hate it! I've to make name lists again. That's totally annoying! There're 35 people in the class! We're supposed to go back at 1.55 PM today but many of them went back early! At 1.15! That's pretty smart of them right! Anyway, we (those who stayed back) have got the timetable with us! Well, I'm not getting my textbooks yet because no one can fetch me to the book store. Mom is sick! And I'm here blogging. Sister is in the school while brother is in tuition. Dad is of course working. Sigh, it's pretty bored. Another thing before I forget about it, Goh Gaik Lyn is in our class. She seems to be unhappy and upset to be placed in this class. I guess everyone knows about it. Just checked my handphone, Sin messaged me to ask about the timetable. But I haven't reply her yet. I'm really not feeling well now. My stomach is aching like hell. I feel like vomitting but I didn't vomit it out. That's stupid and awful!

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