Friday, January 06, 2006

Class went smoothly today. But my bag was quite heavy. We've some trouble in school which is assignments like folio! I need to shop on my stationary again. So I'm prepared to be broke again! I need to get a ring file, clear folders, long ruler which is transparent (if there's one) for my Physics lesson and more foolscap paper! In the afternoon, I did nothing but wasting my time watching a stupid show on TV and came online for around 5 hours! Damn! I'm going to be so dead if I continue this! Anyway, I can't wait for Chinese New Year! I want to wear my new clothes already! Muahahaha! But mind you, it's not red in colour! I hate red! Mostly it's white and some dark colour. Whatever! Life's so much perfect these days. I'm really glad with this condition. But bear in mind, there's no happy ever after story in this world unless in those kiddy fairy tales! Remember, it's only fairy tale! Our EST teacher came into the class today, she's Pn. Kam. I found that she's interesting and same goes about the lessons. We had the introduction session again. Sigh. That's bored. But she made it interesting and I really enjoyed it! If this continues, I bet all of us in the class will have much fun during the lesson. Another thing, there's a disaster in the class who tried to get Pn. Kam's attention. She's really annoying. And I won't give it a damn even she finds out about what I've wrote about her here. After EST, it's our IM time. But too bad, there's no teacher came in and so we had to go the library. Alright, it just sucks because we were for only around 15 minutes and we had to go back to class with is so far away! I managed to read Becky Bananas! But it's only the first sentence during the period in library. It sounded "This is my life"! I kept reading that because many things distracted me and I read that sentence repeatedly. We're asked to shut up because we're too noisy according to the teacher in-charge. Lol! Yes, we are even we're in the library. But I bet none of us will give it a damn. Later, we went back to class which is so far away for our BM lesson. We were asked by her (the teacher) to write an essay about the open house. My mind went blank and I had stars around my head. I wrote craps on that title. But who cares about it anyway? So life goes on in 4 Jade. After the break, we went to the field for our PE lesson (as what Sin called it) we were asked to create a/an 'ikrar'. So Illy and me wrote craps again. But luckily we weren't that lucky to be asked to present it. At night, went to tuition. Chemistry this time. It's nice but the class is some kind like full already. 50++ pupils if I'm not mistaken. I cooked instant noodle when I came back as I didn't take my dinner earlier. But it tasted bad as I put too much water. Eww!

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