Friday, December 30, 2005

This morning went to school for cleaning up. School, I don't miss you. Please, not that prison again! Anyway, it's going to start soon. I'm so dead if I keep on having the oh-so-lazy attitude with me. Homework, projects, topical tests, exams, and final exam! Oh my God, I'm going to have sour sixteen instead of sweet sixteen in my second home or what they call it alma mater in simple English. Not that I hate to study, but the method is wrong. Something's wrong with the education system. Alright, no more school. Let me enjoy the remaining of this holiday happily. I'm having a headache now. I faced the computer since lunch time. I submitted the second skin. Alright, I've got many different comments. Some like it and some just hate it. Anyway, I'd take up all the comments positively. I understand, that's the nature of life. Different people, different taste and opinion. But the skin that had been chosen for the Skin of the Day isn't that nice. Honestly, I don't want to comment there because mostly people will scold me as they rate that skin with 5 stars. Honestly, the designer has bad taste to choose that type of colour. Besides that, her idea sucks! She can make a different layout instead of the usual ones. Just like me, I make the layout myself. =D Though I fucking know anything about HTML and all those stuff. But at least, I tried and I dare to submit it and some people do like it. Till now, my head is aching terribly.

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