Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alright, after much consideration, I've decided to make this blog public. So I don't care if anyone finds out about this. But I'm not going to reveal it as if I'm really proud with it. You know what I mean? If people finds out about this accidentally, I don't mind anymore. Not that I'm going to reveal it like writing the address in my MSN nickname or even put it in Friendster. Got it? I've always wanted to make some changes about the skin, but I don't have the time for it. So let's just forget about it. I love designing skin more than dealing with those HTML codes. It really sucks to hell! I lived my life today happily. I went to Additional Mathematics tuition this morning. To my surprise, Crazy Girl, Esther, Siew Mon went too. I thought that maybe they'd attend some other class in Island Glades. That Crazy Girl made the whole class turned upside down, really with her 'sweet' voice and 'nice' words. She asked others not to speak out but she kept talking like a parrot till Esther said 'Who's talking'? That situation is really damn funny if you're on the spot. Perhaps you don't get it because you're not there or maybe I can't explain it well. Crazy Girl and Esther are sitting together in class and I think they made each other a perfect partner. I didn't take any breakfast this morning except some water in the tuition. But I didn't feel hungry at all. The reason is because I love sleeping more and I don't care whether my stomach is hungry or not. When I came back, I went to sleep again. I'm such a sleeping pig, don't you think so? Hehe. Whatever, I love to sleep. Tonight, perhaps I'll be sleeping late again because I'm going to finish up some of my work before hanging out in Gurney tomorrow. It's going to be fun to hang out again with only Sin and Khaw. Oh yea, there's a guy named Tan Kwan Lin in tuition. Some misunderstand with Tan Khaw Lin's name. Hehe. She thought that Joanne paid for her the fee. Anyway, I love that tuition. It's nice except it's a bit too crowded. What's wrong with the wear I wear myself to tuition? I mean I'm not pretty or not. Just a normal Jeans and a Tee Shirt. What's wrong with it? I don't get you Esther.

Signing off, Orangewai!

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