Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm back! Now, at this moment! With my Photoshop 8.0 though it's not as high tech like Photoshop CS 2. I'm really going to haunt another piece of it. I can't live without it! I love photography! Everything went smoothly this morning. As usual, I love waking up early in the afternoon. Lol! Then I dragged my time till late in afternoon before I started to sweep and clean up the floor. Then I went for a hair cut. It's freaking short now. Shoulder length. Sigh, I have to take care of it now. Extra careful! If not, I'll have to waste my money to rebond it again. Alright, enough of my hair! When I came back, little did I know that my beloved computer was infected with Malware! Dumb ass! My sister was trying to download that zombie Hilary Duff's picture and little did she know that the computer was infected with Malware! (No offence to Hilary Duff's fans but honestly, she looks like a zombie now) When I came back, I was thinking why my sister was watching TV. When I turned on my computer, I got the biggest shock! I can't believe it! My beloved computer was infected with 62 Malware! The condition is worse when I had not install any anti-virus software at the first place. I was just too lazy and thinking that Nah! I won't be that unlucky to get this stuff! But hell! This is the first time! And I hope that this would be the last time. I kept on threatening my sister that I would tell my dad about that virus. But I didn't. Well, I'm a good sister huh? Lol! After much tutorials from mcdknyvice, I finally get rid of that Malware. I really have to thank him. Seriously because everytime I have any problem with the net or whatever, I'll search for him. Sometimes what make me annoying is that he never reply you asap. But perhaps he's working. Anyway he can be considered kind. Alright, I'm chatting with Miss Kangaroo who is also known as Joey. Or vice versa. Haha. Kangaroo! I'll have to retire to bed soon. Tomorrow I still have to go to school for some cleaning or what they call it 'Khidmat Sekolah' or 'School Service'. Sin Yong and Crazy Girl going too. Haha. I'll be happy with them around. Alright, the picture that I have scribbled with some brushes this afternoon. There it is :

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