Saturday, December 17, 2005

This is the 30th post. So I'll make it as special as possible. My posts are really boring, I know it. Anyway, Wai Yee make up her mind and she decided to be a good girl today. My to-do-list for today, this afternoon.
  • Hanging the clothes outside but it's raining
  • Clean the floor as usual
  • Study Physics which is the subject that I hate most!
  • Surfing the net if I have extra time in my hands after finishing my jobs above

So, everyone's out and I'm here alone. I'm chatting with Illy. Currently, I'm listening to Yummy's I won't cry. Nice song indeed. I mean the lyrics. By the way, anyone having Yu Heng's kuai le shen dan? Please send it to me at Please, anyone in the cyber world is so kind? I guess no. So I'll just leave it like that. Right now, I'm just hoping for straight A's in PMR. I'm so worried, nervous and scared that it would turn out bad. What if I can't score straight A's? No more cash? This is really terrible! No more hang outs? This is even more sad. However, only God would decide. And I hope what I did is enough. Alright, I'm going to start my job now. I'll blog later if possible.