Sunday, December 18, 2005

Alright, my last post was freaking 'interesting' huh? Don't you think so? Muahahaha. I'm so happy that I dreamt of Jun Yang last night. He's so sweet!!! I want to meet him in person! Alright, in my dream, I saw him in CTC's camp night. Nobody knows him perhaps nobody watch Project Superstar. Anyway, there's still someone who knows him and that's me. Lol! That dream was so sweet that it manage to keep me smiling all the way before it ended in the morning. I can't believe it. I dreamt of him. Such a good, handsome and sweet guy. I really really hope that I could meet him someday. Anyway, I just came back from Toy Museum near Paradise Hotel. It was so cool with so many toys around. For instance, Seed of Chucky, Corpse Bride (that stupid movie) Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and lots more which is uncountable. My sister didn't follow us there because she went to Joey's house. And Joey's dogs were so cute because their teeth had been pulled out earlier. So after we leave my sister there, we went to the Toy Museum and look around in Batu Ferringhi. The weather's so fine that we began to feel sleepy so we went back. My sister was so happy because we'll pick her up later. Haha. Must be fooling around with that Miss Joey Goh, the Baby Kangaroo. Alas, I can online and blog peacefully without her at home or else she'll be spying on me now.

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