Sunday, December 11, 2005

Alright, I'm declaring that I'm happy these days. But I'm a bit worried of my future result which will be out a couple more days. Anyway, I'm living my life completely now. That's what everyone hopes right? I have no regrets. Well, lets look more into my life today. As usual, I went through all what a human usually does. For example, sleep, eat, shit, fart etc etc. I had Jawa Mee again for my breakfast. It's so nice. Yummy! In the afternoon, we (my sister and I) waited for Joey to come. Then we went to Pacific together with Kenny and his Mom and sisters and her sister's boyfriend and baby. Sigh, why am I describing too much about his family? So crazy! Yea. I'm crazy because I just played Crazy Taxi! Lol. It was so much fun!
Then we went to Pacific aka Penang's Megamall. It was so packed with don't know how many thousands of homosapiens. We went separate ways. I was leading my sister, Joey and my brother. My Mom went shopping. My sister was dizzy so we went to have a rest in Mc Donalds! Before that, we bought Panadol and a bottle of mineral water for her. We ate Chicken Mc Nuggets and Joey had a Mc Flurry. After we went out from Mc D, we went loitering around. Guess what? I bought an orange colour shirt again. Lord! This year almost all my clothes are white and orange in colour except my baggy pants which is in dark colour. Anyway it's nice. I saw a jacket. It's beautiful and I wanted it. But it's expensive and I was imagining the lecture of my Mom whenever I buy a jacket. She'll ask what type of country are you staying in? Then I'll keep quiet and shut my ears. Muahahaha! Anyway we really have a great time there. Oh yea, I saw a Santa Claus today! (His stomach are made up of papers, shhh) He was giving away sweets only! Stingy huh? We came back around 6 and the Penang Bridge was jammed. We managed to reach home at 6 something. Then we prepared to go for a dinner together with Joey. She's so funny, always laugh! We sent her back later. Then we came back. We're going for a hotel stay next week. Muahaha. Wait for me! I want to go swimming!

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