Saturday, December 24, 2005

Honestly, I lost my feeling now. No feeling after getting straight A's and no feeling of birthday coming soon. I'm so sick. Hell, no! I'm hanging out next Mon. Something is not right with me. I'm feeling really damn tired these days. Yesterday I was really annoyed by something. Just a bloody fool make my world spinning like merry-go-round. My money are just too precious for that crap with some cucumber, squids and sausages. Alright, I don't want to talk about that again. I've been fighting with my sister a few days ago. It all started when she don't want to lend me her pencil case. Then I scared her when I said I'm not bringing her along to Gurney next Monday. Alright, got some rewards from my dad and Forest about my result.

Yesterday was another boring day. In the morning, I did what all what a human does daily. I contributed more to the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and reduces the amount of oxygen in the air (breathing), bring some troubles to Indah Water's people (some businesses what a human must do daily), gaining some weight (digging out instant noodles from the kitchenand trouble my Mom to cook some food), messing up my nice bed (sleep). At night, some chattings with Sin and an Indian guy, Sashi. Lol. After he knew that tomorrow is my birthday, he send me a message in Friendster to wish me. Lol. That's really something funny that he did for an anonymous like me. However, I didn't add him into my list. Hmm. It's because he keep on asking me out for a drink. I lied to him that I wasn't allowed by my parents to hang out. Feeling guilty but what can I do? Though that's a really very lame reason.

Alright just finished having my lunch, later I need to continue my daily work. Everyone's out leaving me alone at home. The floor is dirty, so I need to do some cleaning. Daily work that I 'enjoy' very much! Continue studying my 'favourite' subject which is Physics. That's all my to-do-list. Dad just called and told me that he'll be back from work earlier to celebrate my birthday. Yea, he's nice when he's in his good mood. But you'll never want know what happens when his mood turn bad. Yea, that's the nature of a guy. I've to appreciate because he's my Dad. He's the one working to support the family. So yea, I love my family, myself and everyone around me.

A secret here. I'm no longer hating Jamie. Indeed my feelings started to pour to her. Alright, normal friend like any of you here. She can be nice to you if she wants to. So why not be friends instead of some strangers? Lol. Alright, I'll end this post now.

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